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A letter to you, the visitor

Hello there!

If pictures say a thousand words, then videos say about a billion.

My name is Cade, and my wife Katie and I are thrilled that you found our family blog! You’ll notice at first glance that this isn’t your typical blog. Allow me to explain 🙂

How this all Began

We all have home videos, stashed away on our computers and external hard drives. While they have great sentimental value, the majority of them end up never getting viewed, organized, or shared with other family members and close friends. This dilemma has been bugging me for years, and because I’m a video-taking enthusiast, I realized that this fact would never cease to bug me unless I found a solution.

On January 1st, 2016, as I was contemplating what I would select as my 2016 New Years Resolution, I decided that I wanted to somehow create a blog that would serve as a journal- but not just any kind of journal. I wanted to make a FUN journal that would include LESS mundane writing and MORE media, like pictures and raw video. Yes, occasionally I find the time to edit home videos and add music and transitions, but with how busy life can be, I’m realizing that leaving videos unedited is a more realistic approach. Plus, life doesn’t always have to be edited and set to background music. It’s beautiful and exciting even without it!

My biggest dilemma was how I would accomplish this New Years Resolution. I had a list of requirements that I wanted for this blog. For example:

  1. Capacity to share videos without necessarily releasing them for the whole world to see on Youtube.
  2. Be able to backtrack. I want to be able to jump back to the past and post things in different order, so that I can go back and upload pictures and videos from the past with ease.
  3. Visually appealing. Blogs can look SO boring. Rather than having the typical format of text and pictures all in one middle column, I wanted to be able to see multiple things on a single page.

I had no idea how I would be able to fulfill all of these preferences, but after doing a lot of research and experimenting, I figured out a way to make this dream happen!

This custom template I’ve constructed on WordPress allows me to do all of these things! It looks fun and takes the bore out of recording our life events. I’m able to go back in time and publish things on or near the original date that they happened. And I’ve figured out a way to maintain private routes to our home videos using Youtube’s ‘Unlisted’ feature.

This might start to bore you with all this ‘tech talk’, but I’m so excited to finally figure out a way to share home videos without completely exposing raw videos openly on Youtube. Basically put, I upload videos onto Youtube, but rather than releasing them publicly for anyone on Youtube to watch, I mark them as Unlisted. This prevents anyone from searching for, stumbling upon, and viewing our videos unless they have a direct link to each video. People can only view these videos by going through this family blog. This was my goal from the start, and I’ve FINALLY figured out a way! Yippee!

We welcome you to our blog, Dear Future Walkers. I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you’re an extended family member, friend, or acquaintance that will soon become our friend!

About the Blog Name

Dear Future Walkers is our theme. In this day and age, there are many people that take videos of their daily life and post them on Youtube. Some people become very famous doing this, gaining thousands and thousands of subscribers to their Youtube channel, and even gain money doing so. I’m not saying this is wrong, but this is not our intention at all. Katie and I don’t want to talk to the camera as if we are talking to a fanclub or worldwide audience. We decided that we want to talk to the camera as if we are talking to our kids. Hence the name- Dear Future Walkers.

We have no clue what lies ahead of us in the future. Will Cooper be our only child, or will we end up having 5 or 6 kids? Nobody knows! At least not yet. So we address all of those who will carry on our family legacy. Life can be tough sometimes. When I was a teen, I didn’t have a website that I could turn to full of life-experiences and advice directed specifically for me. Our children, however, will. And it will be directly addressed to them. They will get to see themselves grow up here (and hopefully, they’ll see their parents grow up a little too 😉 ) . Who knows, maybe someday, our children’s children will get to see themselves grow up here too. Wow! That’s a fascinating thought, isn’t it!?

Contact us

Feel free to contact Katie or I anytime by sending an email to walkerfam2012@gmail.com. Or simply leave a comment somewhere on this blog!

We try our best to be sensitive to others’ privacy. If you find yourself in a picture or video that you would rather prefer us not posting on this blog, email us and we will remove it, no questions asked.

Web development is becoming one of my hobbies, so if you need help getting started with a blog like this of your own, send me an email and I might be able to help you out as a web consultant. This stuff ain’t always easy, and much of it is learned through experience, trial, and error.

Thanks for Visiting

Feel free to stop by anytime and see what the Walker family is up to!




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