Cade’s MCAT Log

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This is where I hold myself accountable and see where I can improve in my study habits

2017-01-26, Thursday



It was difficult getting started today, because there were so many other computer tasks that demanded my time and attention, but with only an hour left on campus, I still decided to turn off distractions and study.

  • I learned a lot about the Scientific Method
    • Came up with an easy way to think of differences between Independent and Dependent variable
      • Indy the Aspirin= Independent V.

        Rate of myocardial infractions.=Dependent V.

Time lapse one

9:20-10:30 pm


You’ll notice that I don’t make it long before I take a break, look at something on the computer, etc. It’s hard to acclimate to these study conditions again after going so long without studying intense content, so it’ll take me a bit to build up my studying stamina again.

Time lapse two

2017-01-25, Wednesday

Midnight to 2:00am


(still considered Wednesday night)

I spent time preparing a 10-week intensive MCAT study plan. This involved thoroughly walking through my Google calendar at upcoming events to plan around, through, and over. MCAT study dominates, but little breaks here and there, while bridled and strictly controlled, are necessary.

I’m using color coordination to help me organize, as you might notice.

Time lapse one