Mission Dream

This morning, an hour or two before waking up early to go to work, I had a mission dream. Now mission dreams aren’t necessarily something knew for me- I usually have dreams that I’m back on a mission in the Dominican Republic just about every three or four months. They get more and more spaced out with time, but they still reoccur.

Usually my mission dreams involve me going back in time to a point where I wasn’t married, but this one was different. Not only was I still married to Katie, but I indeed had a 12 month old son named Cooper as well- it was as if I had left for a mission yesterday, leaving the life I know today.

The reason had something to do with the idea that I simply needed to serve another 3 months in order to make up for lost time during my first mission. This made sense to my dreaming mind, so I went with it and arrived in my new assignment. I was sent to a home with 3 elders- my companion and one other companionship. I knew it would be easiest to explain my situation right off the bat rather than bring it up later, so we sat down and I explained to them that it had been over 5 years since I was last in the mission field,  I had a wife and son waiting for me at home, and that I would be serving a mission slightly different from theirs because I was allowed to ‘Skype home’ every other day to my small family. 

They seemed cool about it- but realized that they were now living in the home of someone that seemed to know much more than they did. I didn’t feel like I did, but realizing that within the last 5 years, I’ve learned quite a bit about life, I realized that I did acquire a few words of wisdom that they had yet to experience. 

The rest of my dream is fairly blurry. We went out to teach, we went to a district meeting, and we cleaned the apartment, but the part I remember most was the first planning meeting that I had with my companion.

It was in the middle of our planning meeting that I woke up to my alarm going off. I wanted to turn it off, roll back over, and continue the dream, but knew I had to head to work. 

Channeling Revelation

As I got ready for work, I noticed something noticeably different. I felt, as I have often heard described within the church, as if a channel had opened between myself and heaven. Thoughts came pouring into my mind freely- something not uncommon for me, since I think a lot, but there was a difference. The average person can identify thoughts that come into their mind as being ‘their own’, but as I was getting ready, thoughts kept popping into my mind that I could not identify as my own thinking. “Duh, Cade”, I thought, “This is a perfect example of personal revelation.”

I was reminded yet again that arising early, especially after having a spiritual themed dream, are times when I most identify and experience this channeling of revelation. I have lately been sleeping in on days that I do not work early. I must try harder to wake up early, particularly before Cooper wakes up, to increase the frequency of the concentrated channel of revelation that I experienced this morning. 

Documenting Institute Notes

One of the many thoughts I had this morning was the emphasis on the importance of going back and documenting this semester’s institute notes. I have a collection of untranslatable scribbles in a small study journal that I used throughout the 4 institute classes I took this semester (yes, 4! It was awesome!). I also have a collection of phone recordings, particularly from one class, Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel, that I know I’ve needed to go back and organize within this Walker Family journal. 

Once I found myself behind on documenting my institute notes, it was hard to keep up, and I quickly fell behind. It’s time, now that they are over, for me to go back and rewrite the notes here. The phone voice recordings aren’t the best quality, but I know they will come in handy later in life. One particular challenge is the fact that it takes over an hour for me to change a voice recording into a youtube video through iMovie. I’m not sure why, and maybe I’m doing things wrong, but these hour-long voice recordings turn into large-size files that take a long time to upload to youtube. It doesn’t matter though, I still need to get them documented, regardless of the time. I can make time right now, this month. I won’t be able to make the time later.

So here it goes! I’ll be jumping back to September and working my way back to December 2016! Wish me luck!