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Forced respect does not change souls. Gaining respect changes souls.

Wives- don’t nag.

A Husband will do anything if he is his wife’s hero.

Fathers have an incredible responsibility to teach children about their Heavenly Father through them (as a father).

President McKay taught that voices should never be raised in the home unless there is a fire.

D&C 121:34-46

  • Preside
  • Sharpness is misunderstood- Sharpness means clarity. The difference between a sharp knife and a dull knife is its effectiveness
  • dominion= children

1 Timothy 5:8

D&C 83:2,4

  • Provide
    • Story of an apostle, asking young women what they look for in a husband, and kind of chewed them out for not mentioning A Provider
      • If your husband does not provide for you, how can you fulfill your role?

Matthew 2:13-16

  • Protect
    • Joseph didn’t wait until the next day. He got up and moved his family right then and there.
    • Receive revelation and act on it immediately

1000 level college class= general class

5000 level college class= Graduate level class (more Difficult)

You will have 1000 level children and 5000 level children

A Laman and Lemuel were sent to Lehi and Sariah for a reason.

Cain was sent to Adam and Eve

Alma the younger= 5000 level child

We need to thank Heavenly Father for giving us all levels of children

*In a way, if a 5000 level child becomes a 1000 level child through your efforts, your joy might be that much greater

Two things that keep men from being True Men of God

  1. Set upon the things of the World
  2. Drawn upon the honors of men

On no where on President Hinckley’s headstone does it say Apostle of Jesus Christ. It DOES say Husband and Father.

*In our old ward, we were all young couples without much experience, etc. Some of you in this room might start feeling a little bit uncomfortable when we start talking about the Proclamation to the World. Identify those feelings. Pinpoint them. Rather than try and fight those feelings, or attempt to challenge what might be discussed.

Elder Hammond conference address story about fishing and camping