Katie made us an amazing breakfast for companion study this morning. 

Tender Mercies

Are there different types of Mercy?

When I think of the word “mercy” I think of the Saviors mercy for us even though we are sinners and fallen. But I think there is another meaning for mercy.

I’ve always thought of a tender mercy as something that you don’t have control over that happens at just the right time so things work out for you. For instance, when you are in a hurry and you hit all of the green lights as you drive through town. I guess this is a more physical example of a tender mercy. I’ve never considered spiritual gifts as tender mercies until this morning’s study. Here is what the manual said about tender mercies. 

“. . . The Lord’s tender mercies are the very personal and individualized blessings, strength, protection, assurances, guidance, loving-kindness, consolation, support, and spiritual gifts which we receive from and because of and through the Lord Jesus Christ. Truly the Lord suits ‘his mercies according to the conditions of the children of men’ (D&C 46:15).

“. . . One of the ways whereby the Savior comes to each of us is through His abundant and tender mercies. For instance, as you and I face challenges and tests in our lives, the gift of faith and an appropriate sense of personal confidence that reaches beyond our own capacity are two examples of the tender mercies of the Lord. Repentance and forgiveness of sins and peace of conscience are examples of the tender mercies of the Lord. And the persistence and the fortitude that enable us to press forward with cheerfulness through physical limitations and spiritual difficulties are examples of the tender mercies of the Lord

I guess tender mercies are not only moments that something great happens to you but also spiritual gifts that are given to you that can be developed over time. 

Mercy & Grace

The subject of mercy also led me to question the difference between the word mercy and grace. According to The Guide to the Scriptures:


The enabling power from God that allows men and women to obtain blessings in this life and to gain eternal life and exaltation after they have exercised faith, repented, and given their best effort to keep the commandments. Such divine help or strength is given through the mercy and love of God.


Lehi’s Route

1 Nephi 2:5–10. Lehi Traveled from Jerusalem to the Shores of the Red Sea

• The distance from Jerusalem to the Red Sea is approximately 180 miles through hot, barren country infested anciently by many marauders. Lehi and his family “traveled three days” beyond this point (see 1 Nephi 2:5–6). This meant at least a 12- to 14-day trip one way from Jerusalem to their temporary home in the valley of Lemuel. (Refer to the map “Possible Route Taken by Lehi’s Family” in the appendix, p. 410.)

This map is shown in the picture above

Lehi and his family were in the wilderness for 8 years before they reached the land of Bountiful! 8 years people!!! We only have a few verses that give us any details about that time. You know they could have written volumes about what happened to them, the people they met, the trials and even joys they had along the way. Cade and I love this series that BYU did about the journey they most likely took to get to this land. It helps fill in some of the blanks and also gives some tangible evidence about the BOM.

Mines of Tinda? Did Lehi stop there….?

Nephi knew how to work with ore…. and he even says that he made the plates himself. He took the time to admire Laban’s sword. So he obviously knew metallurgy. Knowing this, scholars suggest we would know an obvious route they might have taken.