Two years ago today, July 1, Katie and I sat down and read the scriptures together. We had been married almost five months at the time and we wanted to make some new goals for ourselves and our newly-formed family. Though we often read the scriptures, we weren’t as consistent as we wanted to be. We decided to make a very ambitious goal- one that would seem easy at times but often difficult as well.

Our goal was to try and do a “Scripture Reading Streak” for an entire year; meaning, we were both going to try and read our scriptures every day for 365 days straight. In order to do this, we knew it would be important to make our requirements flexible and realistic. At first, I suggested that we would have to read our scriptures for at least 15 minutes every day, TOGETHER. We started off our first few months doing this, but it proved to be quite a task. Things became especially difficult when we were apart, like when I would have to fly across the country to a research conference for a week. Talking on the phone and reading scriptures together for 15 minutes straight seemed like too much (plus, it would have been crossing the lines of weirdness, and scripture study shouldn’t be pushed to extremes, haha). We needed to change up our requirements. The decision was made that we could study the scriptures separately and we no longer had to read for a straight 15 minutes. We also eventually allowed the reading of conference talks and the ensign to count as scripture study as well.

After 365 days of reading the scriptures, we finally completed our goal!!!……. But as we basked in the celebratory sensation of it all… we thought to ourselves “Why stop here? Why stop now? This has become so much of a habit for us that there’s no point in stopping our Scripture Reading Streak”. And so the streak has continued, clear to today, July 1st, two years since we made that goal, and we have to intention of stopping 🙂

As a tribute to our reading streak anniversary, I decided to pull a little prank on Katie this morning by convincing her that I had to go into work at 7:00 AM this morning (when in reality, I didn’t have to go in until 10:30). I asked if she would be willing to drive me to work and she didn’t hesitate to agree. She quickly got ready for the day and even made us a breakfast milkshake minutes before 7:00. I quietly set out our scripture study materials and she ran into the room with the shakes, expecting us to rush out to the car and leave. When she saw me, relaxed, with my Book of Mormon open, she laughed and shouted “You tricked me! You Gribble!” We were both fully dressed and ready for the day, milkshakes in hand, and we read through Jacob 5 together and discussed its meaning. We made guesses on what all the symbolism might mean with regards to the olive trees, grafted branches, fruit, and servants of the vineyard. After making our guesses, we pulled out the Book of Mormon Student Manual and read about what all the symbolism truly means. Our guesses weren’t that far off!

It was wonderful to study together for a full hour to begin our day. It’s been a fully productive day, and the early morning, spiritual start definitely helped.

Tonight, we will discuss how we can improve our scripture study each day as we continue into the third year of our Scripture Marking Streak! All it takes is a few versus a day to keep the spirit in our home, our hearts, and our lives. 🙂


Love, Cade