Email from Katie to Cade’s Family , Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 1:12 PM

Cade and I have a lot to report on and this week has been the climax of it all, so we thought it was about time for an update. Last week we celebrated our 2 month anniversary by going to the temple to do sealings for the first time since we got married. It was like we got married all over again. We’ve never seen the sealing rooms in the Logan temple and loved the beauty of them, and were amazed by how many there were. One of the men told us that for years they had the biggest sealing room out of all of the temples until the Draper temple was built. The brother that was doing the sealings was so excited when we told him that this was our first time doing sealings since we did it for ourselves. I think we got almost as much marriage advice from him than we did on our wedding day! He was so sweet to us and was so excited to tell everyone that entered in the room that it was our first time back. Cade and I enjoyed hearing those words over again. The temple is still so new to me, but I just love feeling the spirit there.

Cade started volunteering at the hospital in the ER and loves it! He goes in from 9pm-12am once a week so he gets to see all the late night action. His first time started with a Life-flight helicopter landing the same time as he was pulling in. They kept him busy cleaning rooms and running to get extra IV pumps all night. They were pretty impressed that he knew where everything was and that he knew proper cleaning “techniques”. Last week he had the chance to talk to a lot of hispanic families. He loves how his Spanish can come back so quickly. Kristin and Cade always try to oneup each other with their volunteering stories. Though none of their patients have yet landed a spot on the local news, I’m sure it will happen soon 🙂

Cade and Kristin have been joining forces to figure out ways to get involved so they can build up their resumes. Just for fun I joined Cade for his first meeting for a club called AAG (Aggies Against the Grain). They provide support to people on campus with gluten intolerance. Cade and I walked in not knowing anything about the club and walked out being the Vice President and Treasurer. Kritter soon joined in with us and became the secretary.

I recently found out that I received a scholarship from the Eled department that will kick in next year. That will be such a blessing. I also recently applied for an internship at the Edith Bowen Lab School on campus. It is a “cutting edge” elementary school that has the chance to try out new tools for schools such as learning with ipods and laptops, etc. I applied, interviewed, and was accepted! I’m very excited that I get to spend all next year there. It is really nice that it is on campus so I don’t have to drive far for student teaching. I also get to be really close to my on- campus job, and to Cade.

Finals week is next week! We couldn’t end school off without becoming true aggies. Last weekend was true aggie night and we made it up to the “A” around 1:30am. Sadly, most people were gone so we didn’t think we would get a crowd cheering for us like most people do. There was a small group cleaning up that noticed us making our way to the A. They cheered for us loud and hard when we kissed, and we can now say we were the last ones of the night to become true aggies! We’ve had a great semester together and I think will end it off without failing a single class (we hear this is quite the feat for couples that get married mid-semester)! We really enjoyed the institute class we had together: Strengthening an Eternal Marriage. We hope we can take another class together next semester too. Having the chance to talk gospel matters more than just on Sundays really brings a couple close together.

We’ve been going to a lot of work parties lately. We had a lovely dinner at a place down in “the island” for a Sportsman party. The guy who owns the place has built a trout pond and has the neatest old barn. The logan river runs right through his property. He said we are welcome back any time, so we are hoping to maybe try to arrange a little family get together there this summer. This last weekend we had a staff party for the campus computer labs. It was a huge nerd fest that involved everyone logged into the same gaming system, playing something like a knockoff of Call of Duty. Cade, Kristin and I were having a lot of fun. About half hour into the game, a guy yells, “alright, who is this Kristin Walker girl?” Kristin just laughed and hid behind her screen and kept playing. People keep making comments about the Kristin girl who was so good. Finally one guy couldn’t handle it any more. “Okay, who is Kristin Walker?!” Kristin finally showed herself. “Have you played this before, because you keep killing me and I’m experienced at this game.” She rattled a few people around with her skills that night… I guess all the nights of Call of Duty paid off.

Well, just when you get comfortable where you are, you’ve got to get right up and move again. This could never be so true for Cade and I. We are literally moving! Yep! We just found out today that everything is official and we can start moving in next weekend. The apartment that we’re moving to is just right around the corner from the temple, so just a few blocks from where we are right now. Riley Marble (from Deweyvillle) and his wife were living there but are leaving so he told us about it. It is cheaper and 2x bigger than where we are at now. Blessings of tithing, I’m sure. A couple that we are friends with will be living below us, so that should be fun.

We love you all so much! We are looking forward to summer and being able to do more with you all! Let the summer adventures begin!